P E R S O N A L | December 2013 Update

by lhorreurdenuit

Let me first start off by apologizing for not posting anything for such a long time!

My life just got really hectic and I will explain momentarily, but it basically comes down to this:

  • I got a new job
  • I had loads of school work and my finals kind of snuck up on me
  • One of my best friends moved
  • However, I did manage to make some new friends (which is a big deal for me)
  • The holidays came around

And here we are.

About the time I started this blog, I was also looking for a job. I didn’t have much experience, but I applied to a few places, handed out my resume, and managed to snag a job at a local movie theater. I actually got hired on the spot, which definitely helped my confidence levels, since it was my first real interview and I was scheduled for another one at Sephora the next day. The interview at Sephora didn’t go nearly as well, mostly because of the fact that it was a group interview. I just wasn’t comfortable in that environment and it showed. All of the girls were talking over each other, trying to beat each other to the best answer. Every time I tried to say something, someone would either cut me off, or just talk louder than me so that I couldn’t be heard. Anyway, most of the girls who applied were way more qualified than I am, so I figured that working at the movie theater would be alright for now, until I can find something more suited towards my interests or my degree.

Speaking of school, the last few weeks of the semester were outright painful. Most of the stress probably could’ve been avoided if I would’ve procrastinated less, but whats done is done and I can’t do anything about it now. All I can hope to do is learn from it, and not repeat the same mistakes next semester. For example, I took Business Law, Principles of Accounting, Owning and Operating a Small Business, and Bookkeeping (in that order): all of which are prerequisites for the mortuary science program. In my bookkeeping class, we had a huge project due at the end of the semester that was worth a generous portion of our final grade and I didn’t really start it until a few weeks before it was due. I ended up spending so much time focusing on that project at the end of the semester, that I failed to concentrate as much on my other classes, and it showed in my grades. In fact, I ended up pulling an all-nighter the night before it was due and skipped a couple of my classes the next day, just so I could finish it.

The best thing about the semester though, was that I finally made some new friends! Prior to that, I had just been mostly hanging out with one of my best friends, who recently moved to Georgia, and a few other people here and there.

All of this contributed to lack of sleep by the way, so not only was I trying to focus on school and work and having a social life, but I was essentially sleep deprived whilst all of this was going on.  I know I’m not alone in this, in fact I’m guess most college students are sharing this struggle as well.

Now we’re at Christmas. Its 12am and I’m sitting alone in my apartment. I actually have to work today, which I find sort of relieving because I won’t have time to focus on the fact I’m gonna be alone on Christmas.  As, for new years, I’ll probably be working on new years eve or new years day also and I’ll be house sitting/pet sitting for some friends of mine who are going out of town. My goals for the new year will be the following:

  • Get better grades!
  • Learn to balance school, work, and social life
  • Find a job at a funeral home or something related to the mortuary business
  • Save enough money to travel somewhere this summer
  • Post things on this blog more often! My new goal will be to post something at least once a week.

I hope all of you are doing well and have a very merry Christmas as well as an absolutely fantastic new year!