R E V I E W | Honey, I Washed My Hair

by lhorreurdenuit


This is Lush’s solid shampoo formula and each goes for $9.95 US and you get 1.9 oz of product. I’ve tried other solid shampoos from Lush before and they usually last anywhere between 2-3 months for me, granted I wash my hair about every 2-3 days. This particular shampoo bar smells absolutely divine. The main ingredients are honey, sweet wild orange oil, and bergamot oil. If you’ve ever tried the “Honey, I Washed the Kids” soap by Lush, it smells very similar, as the name would suggest. The shampoo is more floral in my opinion. I don’t find the smell strong or off-putting in any way, so if you’re afraid of this smelling overbearingly sweet, don’t be. It’s also worth noting that it lathers up really well. If you’ve never used a solid shampoo before I recommend applying it to your hair in one of two ways: either rub the shampoo in the palm of your hand until it lathers up and then apply it to your scalp or rub the bar directly on your scalp until it suds up. I personally prefer the latter just because I feel like the product gets worked into my roots better this way, however I will say this method is probably kind of tough on your hair and might make it more prone to breakage.

Now for performance. Let me start off by saying I have thick, course, chemically treated hair. The main claim this shampoo makes is that it is supposed to be very hydrating and leave your hair noticeably soft. I will say that I think this shampoo definitely does do those things for me and makes a notable difference in my hair’s texture in comparison to my other shampoos. This one definitely makes my hair feel hydrated and soft, however I do find that it has the tendency to weigh my hair down, but that’s usually the nature of more hydrating shampoos.

Overall, I’m a really big fan of this product. I like that it’s solid, which makes traveling with it more convenient than a traditional liquid shampoo and I absolutely love the way it makes my hair feel. I also think it lasts for a decent amount of time,which in my mind helps justify the price. This is available in Lush Cosmetics stores and online here.